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Cyclopropyl acetylene(CAS 6746-94-7) for short CPA, is an organic compound with the chemical formula C5H6.Under normal conditions, the substance is a clear, flammable liquid. Cyclopropyl acetylene is used as an important reagent to synthesize pharmaceuticals and other organic compounds. CAS No:6746-94-7 Specifications: ItemDetails Appearancecolorless transparent liquid Purity%99.0 MIN Moisture%0.50MAX Density0.7801 More information,please contact with: Wang Yili Tel:0086-576-88312588-8684 Phone:0086-13486899703 E-mail:wangyili@realsunchem.com Realsun Chemical is located in Toumengang New District, Linhai, this is a National Industrial Zone, with the total registered capital 81 million yuan, covers an area of 60725.54 square meters.we focus on the manufacturing of Pharmaceutical intermediates and Pesticide intermediates.The company was listed on the new OTC market in 2016. We established our own R&D team and keep a good relationship with domestic colleges and universities.Based on the cooperative with them, we improve our production flow and the equipment. Nowadays, Chinese Government pay much attention on the chemical industry, we believe we can supply better product and service to our customers.Pharmaceutical And Pesticide Intermediates manufacturer website:http://www.realsunchem.net/pharmaceutical-and-pesticide-intermediates/
Pharmaceutical And Pesticide Intermediates manufacturer
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