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Fashow Ltd now brings you the best quality and the most functional atman mini hummer electric herb grinder for weed marijuana tobacco for sale. And we offer the review check, please rest assured to get the quality equipment at cheap price from us. Product Feature: 1. First E-grinder in the world. 2. Powerful auto grinder with two 18500 Li-ion batteries. 3. Reversal function without stucking by too much loose leaf. 4. Stainless steel screen, with 4 layer Auto-grinder. 5. One power button design, easy to operate. Product Specification: Battery capacity 900mah Working voltage: 6.7v-8.4v Size: φ62*124mm Color: Black,Red,Green,Blue Weight: 330g How to use: Firstly, Click the power button for 5 times to turn it on. Secondly, hold the power button only for 2 seconds and then the LED light will flash 3 times which indicate the device start to grind. Thirdly, click the power button 1 time to stop grinding.You can hold the power button for recycling the auto grinder. To save power, we advice customers had better turn off the device if you don’t need it. Click the power button 5 times to turn it off. How to charge: Please always charge the device with the charger coming in the case. Plug into the device to charge, the lights will turn Red to indicate the device under charging. When the led light turn to Green which means the device is fully charged. Charging time: 2-3hours USB Charger:5V/1A USB Charger How to cleaning: Before cleaning,Make sure the device is stopped working, then take off the bottom three covers and put into water to clean it. Make sure it must be dry enough before you load them to the device again. Warning: 1. This device can not be applied to soybeans, coffee beans and other hard shell products. only suitable for leaves, flowers products usage. 2. Do not expose the device to external heat about 500°F. 3. Do not punture or incineate the device. 4. Do not dismantle the device. 5. Do not drop or cruch the device. 6. Do not touch the grinder when it working. 7. Please keep it dry, never let the device submerget in the water. 8. Please always keep the device far away from the children reach. 9. Please always keep the device away from extreme sources of heat. 10. Please turn off the device when no using it. This Kit Includes: 1x Atman Mini E- Grinder 1x Atman charger 1x user manual 1x gift box Warranty Information ATMAN MINI Hummer comes with 1 year warranty.best GRINDER REVIEW website:http://www.atmanproducts.com/grinder/
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